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Apple II

Apple II
Apple II
Early 1977 Apple II Rev 0 Low SN A2S1-1144 w/ white MOS 6502 no plus 1 Computer
Apple II
Apple II
"IMKO 2" The Second Bulgarian Computer Produced in 1982, Apple II Plus Clone !
Apple II
Apple II
Apple II 2 j-plus Extremely Rare From Japan Vintage
Apple II
Apple II
Apple II 1978 complete PC (WORKING) serial A2S1-23165 Own a piece of history!
Vintage Apple II Plus Computer w/ Travel/Storage Bag, 2 Disk Drives, Printer LOT
Vintage Working Apple II Plus Computer with Monitor III, accessories in box!
Vintage Apple II Computer System With Manuals
Very Clean Apple II Computer A2S0016 Disk Drive A & B Monitor plus Carrying Case
Apple II ProDOS User's Kit - Disk & Manual - 1983 NOS Sealed Package!
Vintage March 1979 Apple II computer A2S1-22769 - floppy disk drive integer roms